People ask us all the time, “What does Autism Citizen do?” The answer is simple, anything to help an autistic citizen be treated with equal rights as anyone else, be respected as a citizen, and given fairness in all aspects of society. Whatever it takes to make that happen is what we will do.

Why we do if for autism

For example, a woman posted in a Facebook group that she is the mother of five and has an autistic child. Her husband makes a good income but they haven’t sufficient resources to pay for the special needs of their child. We put her in touch with her county developmental disability board to help her find the resources and qualify for benefits for the child.

We’re battling a state attorney general’s office to help a man with a comorbid social anxiety disorder who lost benefits because he has communication difficulties. The young man has been denied the right (written in state law) to hearings held in writing. Despite the law, corrupt government employees try to force him into speaking or being represented by someone else. They are taking his independence and self-respect from him. We’re working with lawyers to provide proper counsel for him and fight his titanic battle.

From helping a young lady whose home is in New York State find a lawyer in Bloomington, Illinois and orienting the attorney to her autism, to helping a young man in California who could never hold a job find a career in the military as a code encryptionist.  We help people of all kinds with their issues relating to autism.

Every day, we help someone with an issue related to autism and continue educating others about the condition. From Maine to Hawaii, when people need our help, guidance, or advocacy, we do what it takes to provide assistance. That’s why we need as much help from public donations as possible.

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