We’re pleased to announce that Donald Schwartz of New Hampshire has joined our team as an eLearning expert.  His expertise is in Moodle, the most popular learning management software in the world, used by thousands of major universities and countless schools.

Autism Citizen's e-Learning

Our ambition is to teach everyone about autism; to create acceptance through learning; to end ignorance through education.  Donald will be a major part of achieving that mission.  His knowledge and skills will enhance our efforts and help us deliver first-class elearning to everyone.

It is our deepest wish that everyone have the finest online education tools available to them, as well as the most professional elearning experience.  Donald Schwartz will be key to our success.  He’s using his Moodle to make Autism Citizen a place for the best education possible. Everyone will be able to learn about autism with Donald’s expertise.

Donald may be reached via https://vectorspect.com/.