So many people think that being autistic means that a person is incapable of sustaining themselves, making decisions or even expressing themselves publicly. These are all misnomers, as is the idea that the autistic cannot cook or are not safe in a kitchen. Hogwash!

The young chef, Max Morrell, seen in the video below, not only masterfully cooks up a delectable portion of muffins, but he wrote the script for this video and presented it like a television cooking show. He prepares a sweet confection, and concurrently dispels malicious myths at the same time.

Max is a young man with talent, courage and a sweet-tooth for which he’s developed skills as a pastry chef. We’re very proud of him, and his exceptional talents. He’s baking more than muffins. He’s whisking up a decent future for himself and countless others like himself, with skills, talent and intelligence, simply in need of a guiding hand.

Autism is not limited by the disorder itself, but by those who foolishly believe it limits the autistic citizen. Given half a chance, those on the spectrum, like Chef Max, can succeed and accomplish almost any goal.