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Prescription Drugs Study

Many, if not most people on the Autism Spectrum take prescription medications, usually to treat the conditions comorbid with the disorder. Because ASD is also a communication disorder, caregivers may not necessarily know which medications are actually metabolizing in the individual’s system. Metabolic differences and gastrointestinal issues may make some medications ineffective.
The Bergen Study
There is a study that is starting July 15, 2016 that could have a very positive and immediate impact for Autism patients and their families.

The Bergen Study will be looking at the prescription medications that an ASD patient takes, and how well the patient metabolizes those drugs. The study will also examine drug interactions of the patient, based on their individual DNA.

Please take a moment to review the Bergen Study:

We encourage parents and caregivers to participate in this study.  The study is not associated or affiliated with Autism Citizen, Inc.

About the Author:

Dr. Robert Angelone is an economist and co-founder of Autism Citizen, Inc. He is dedicated to the cause of autism acceptance and protection of the rights of those with ASD. He believes education is the key to improving life for those on the spectrum.

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