In Memorium: Parker Drake

It was just a few years ago when Parker Drake, an autistic young man was lured onto a jetty in Manasquan, NJ by to young men pretending to be his friends. Parker, then 19, was forced into jumping into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean in February. By Divine Providence, he survived, enduring continued abuse from his assailants. Parker was a victim, but also a hero as that incident forced New Jersey lawmakers to enact legislation to protect the disabled. It was legislation Autism Citizen participated in crafting.

At the time, we wrote this: It’s a Crime

Sadly, at age 22 Parker died last week and we offer our deepest condolences to his mother and family. He was a good and decent young man who did not deserve the harm inflicted upon him. His passing is a sad event for all of us at Autism Citizen.