It’s Murder.

There are rumors, fake stories, false reports, and simply implausible theories out there that anyone with common sense should realize are factually untrue. One of them suggests that autism can be cured with chlorine bleach. The sad part is that some parents are so desperate to heal their child they’ll actually do it.  It can kill, maim, and disfigure the child, or cause permanent damage.

Let us be clear, if you think giving your autistic child bleach as a cure for their autism you’re attempting murder of your child by poison. Yes, MURDER! Whenever and wherever we find a parent doing this, we will assist any prosecution of that parent as a criminal. You’ve been warned. This is not fake. We’re deadly serious.

Now that we have your attention, we have been alarmed at the number of parents who have attempted this illogical method. It’s like saying that if you have dirty hands, wash them in sulfuric acid because it will remove the skin. Whomsoever came up with the idea of bleach was clearly cruel and desired to kill children on the spectrum.

Chlorine is a poison. Each bottle, jug, or container sold says so in a direct, factual warning. It is not a consumable chemical. Forcing or directing someone to ingest it is a criminal offense. Don’t even think about it. Never do it.

All too often we read things like: “Fake science led a mom to feed bleach to her autistic sons.” The point is, it is fake science. It is a lie and if you act on it, you are heartlessly attempting to kill your child. What kind of parent does something that cruel?

Part of the hysteria stems from the incorrect hypothesis, really a conspiracy theory, that vaccines cause autism. Some parents believe they rumors that they can wash out autism. No, they cannot. It’s untrue.

The use of poisons to ‘cure’ your child is a myth, but if you believe it, believe this too. You are committing murder. No matter how much you try to justify it in your mind, or convince yourself otherwise, subconsciously it is your desire to commit murder.  Period.

The worst part is, in making the attempt, you may physically harm your child, disfiguring them and making their condition considerably worse.

Autistic children and adults are more perceptive than you may think.  They can sense malice and hate, so when you harm a child on the spectrum, you may expect them to know that you willfully tried to kill them.  The child will develop a severe distrust and loathing.  You will also be suffering permanent guilt. The solution is just don’t do it.  Don’t believe conspiracy theories, myths, unproven concepts, or just plain stupid ideas.

We know it is often extremely difficult to cope with an autistic child.  It’s expensive too, so parents face a double challenge, either of which may drive a normally rational parent to extremes. If you feel you are suffering too much pressure, rather than taking a drastic action, get help.

First, help yourself by seeking support.  There are parent groups, therapists, mental health services and more, all over the country.  Use their services and seek their help.  There is no shame in that.

Second, if you’re under financial pressure due to the high costs associated with raising an autistic child, ask for help.  There are thousands of autism charities that provide assistance for parents and there are financial aid programs from government.  Call you Member of Congress to start.  Ask your local developmental disabilities service.  Ask your priest, minister, imam, or rabbi. Ask everyone and don’t be shy or embarrassed.

But whatever you do, never hurt your child.  Never use bleach or any other toxic chemical on them. Love them, for their innocence and condition is not their fault or yours.  It simply is.  Now let’s focus on helping the child grow and become a great person.