Use of Funds
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Autism Citizen is second to none in its commitment to transparency.  Incorporated as Reform It Now, Inc., our d/b/a is Autism Citizen, Inc.  Feel free to review our GuideStar listing by clicking the seal to the left.

The funds raised at the Chefs’ Gala Dinner will be used to fund our mission: to educate people about autism and to support those adults living with the disorder in need of professional assistance.  We presently offer education about autism via

With sufficient funding we can help many more than we already have. We anticipate investing in a second base of operations in the heartland, with plans to develop an operation centrally located to serve a large, under-served population in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. We will expand our current base in New Jersey, and over time, open operation centers in various regions of the country, from New England to Hawaii.

Most important is that we will expand the staffing of the organization, engaging those necessary to enable us to continue our mission.

Our Commitment

Every donor, sponsor, and event attendee has our absolute gratitude and commitment to truthful reporting. After years of being truthful, honest, and transparent, it is in everyone’s best interest to continue our philosophy of transparency and disclosure.