Autism Citizen
Gala Dinner
Journal Ads

Purchase an Ad in our Annual Autism Citizen GALA Journal!  Ad reservations and artwork must be received by January 20th, following full payment.

(Ads that are not paid in full by the deadline will not be included in the journal. Deposits are non-refundable for failure to pay outstanding balances.) 

Ad Sizes: Ad materials & delivery:

Covers/ Platinum/ Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Page Ad- 8.5” wide X 11” high. Clearly print the text of your ad or include high resolution images.  Printing is black, not color. Please leave at least 3/4-inch open space on all sides. For color printing, please add a 50 percent premium, only available for full-size advertisements.

Half Page Ad- 8.5” wide X 5.5” high. Please leave at least 1/2-inch open space on all sides.

Quarter Page Ad- 4.25” wide X 5.5” high. Please leave at least 1/4-inch open space on all sides.

Mail your ad copy to: Autism Citizen’s Gala 2020, 1838 State Route 35 F85, Wall, NJ 07719 or email to

Ads are available at the following prices:

Outside Back Cover $ 3,500.00

Inside Back Cover $ 3,000.00

Inside Front Cover $ 3,000.00

Platinum Page $ 5,000.00

Gold Page $ 3,750.00


Silver Page $ 2,250.00

Bronze Page $ 1,500.00

Half Page $ 700.00

Quarter Page $ 450.00

Listing in Journal $ 250.00