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We’re already ensuring your kind donation is making a difference.The autistic face extreme challenges in their daily lives. Your donation helps to stop the crimes, harassment and mistreatment suffered daily by those with autism. People who should know about Autism Spectrum Disorder, simply don’t. Your donation can fix that, making a fair and decent world for those on the spectrum. You can help people with autism achieve their goal of acceptance. Donate now!Donate to Autism Citizen now!

Autism Citizen, Inc. is committed to creating and delivering top-notch education resources to businesses, government agencies, courts, and professionals. It’s important to understand the autistic need a three-step process that we provide. Education creates Acceptance. Simple, but important and you can help us achieve it by donating monthly.

Did you know it’s nearly impossible to find a lawyer or doctor familiar with autism’s special needs? Out of the 1.3 Million lawyers in the United States, only 438 are trained to assist an autistic client. America’s medical professionals are often so specialized in their field that few know how to diagnose or treat an autistic child, teen or adult, not only in terms of medical care but also personally. In both professions, there’s a lack of understanding of the special needs of autism, or the risks the autistic face in seeing such professionals. All too often the autistic are mistreated or worse, ignored by these professionals who simply need some basic training, which Autism Citizen can provide thanks to your generous donation.

Part of our outreach includes assisting autistic individuals to find qualified professionals in their area, capable of helping resolve any problems. Your donation makes it possible for an autistic person to find qualified professionals, and feel safe in doing everyday things.

Support the CauseDonations made are exclusively used to fund services for the autistic individual who cannot afford other help for critical advocacy matters. Additionally, large donations (over $100) may be used to create training programs about autism, creating acceptance and sensitivity to those afflicted by the condition. That training is available to businesses, government and professionals.