Our Major Benefactors

We give recognition to individuals, families or corporate bodies who have made major benefactions to Autism Citizen, Inc. The significance of their gifts are immeasurable, and contribute to the early stages of our growth and mission success.

Autism Citizen deeply appreciates your kind donations, bequests, sponsorship and support of our Campaigns and accept special project requests from major benefactors.

Corporations & Businesses

Autism Citizen, Inc. is fortunate to have these major benefactors and donors:


Google has provided Autism Citizen with more than $125,000 in advertising, tools and resources.
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Ebay, Inc.

Ebay has provided a grant allowing us to list items for sale on ebay.com. Their gift enabled critical fundraising.
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Paypal, Inc.

Paypal’s generosity has made it possible to raise funds through donations, as well as reducing costs for ebay sales.
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Salesforce Foundation

The Salesforce Foundation is a major donor, providing use of Salesforce.com’s incredible systems and services.
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The Write Effect, Inc.

The Write Effect kindly donated consultation and grant-writing services to assist with our first grant applications.

The Epicurus Group

The Epicurus Group was our first major donor, providing web development and corporate filings costs.
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LinkedIn Corp.

LinkedIn makes it possible to meet our objectives by networking with many great people.
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Manasquan Bank

Since 1874, Manasquan Bank has been an important part of their communities, helping them grow and prosper.
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Kearny Bank

Kearny Foundation has generously made a significant cash grant to Autism Citizen.
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Individuals and Families

Several major benefactors have made kind and generous donations. Please join them:

The Horsley Family

The Horsley family has kindly donated many thousands of dollars of new merchandise for assist benefit our sales, as well as cash grants.

The Angelone Family

As founding donors, the Angelone family contributed generously with money and services to help launch Autism Citizen.

Robert Tarantino

Mr. Tarantino has generously given hs time and skills to our accounting needs.

Stephen Canino

Has kindly donated his time and money to assist us in growth and development.