Chefs4Autism is our campaign dedicated to creating acceptance through the culinary arts.
Chefs4Autism™ builds acceptance, and employment for the autistic through the world’s chefs, restaurants and other related businesses. Please join Chefs4Autism on Facebook. It’s absolutely free to register and participate.
Chefs for Autism

From time to time, we may invite you to participate in fundraising events, providing you or your business with an opportunity for some local press coverage. We will certainly be promoting your participation on this website. These events may include a Night of Autism Acceptance in which you tell your guests via your menu or your waitstaff about your support for our cause, and that you’re donating 10% of proceeds from that one night to our charity. Don’t worry, it’s tax deductible. We can and will supply you with materials to help you spread the word.

Annually, we’re going to try to organize several regional chef’s dinner events, featuring many of the participating chefs. We hope all who are part of Chefs4Autism™ will participate by inviting your most pre-eminent guests to our events. We’re not focused on fundraising as much as we are the simple creation of awareness to as wide an audience as possible.

What else do the participants get? We’re offering a wonderful opportunity to publish a chef’s recipes on For caterers, food manufacturers and restaurants, we’ll work with to provide you with the chance to promote your business online. has committed to publish an article about every major fundraising event, listing all the restaurants, chefs and businesses taking part.

Let’s not forget that harassment of the autistic still remains an unfortunate fact of life; one that must be changed. We chefs can do this, just as we enlighten people about food and wine. Let’s do this, together, as a unified group with one cause in mind.