Put Your Tush on the Line

Chefs are some of the most philanthropic and charitable people in business. They’ll do what it takes for a cause they believe in, which is why Chefs4Autism™ on Facebook has more than 1,400 members.

Around the country, chefs are joining our “Chefs Naked for Autism” advertising campaign. Are you one of them?

Chefs Naked for AutismFamous chefs, paired with one internationally famous photographer will create an outstanding campaign.  If you remember the 1999 “Chefs Naked with Their Blender” campaign, you know the publicity created the careers of most of the participating young chefs.

Did you ever see “Calendar Girls”?  It’s the true story of a group of women in Britain who wanted to raise sufficient money to buy a sofa for the local hospital’s cancer ward while one of their husbands was dying of leukemia. Bake sales were just not doing the trick, so one inventively came up with the idea of a tastefully naked calendar.  The sales of the calendars ultimately exceeded $1.5 Million.

The core purpose of Chefs Naked for Autism isn’t fundraising, it is simply to change the message about autism from awareness to acceptance.  We hope to make more people accept the condition, resulting in less bullying and greater employment opportunities.

Join us today.  Download the brochure.

Can’t make it to our photo shoot? Don’t worry. You can still help. Sponsor a “Chefs4Autism Night of Acceptance” at your restaurant and raise money for our cause. You can donate 10% of your earnings for that one night, and as a special surprise for your guests, put on an apron that covers up the family jewels and make a dash through your dining room.