Serve as Chef Ambassador

Our charitable organization – Autism Citizen, Inc. – is always seeking to increase community awareness of our work with autistic citizens and their legal advocacy. Chef Ambassadors can answer questions about the work of Autism Citizen, and actively participate in education about Autism. Our charitable organization creates sustained awareness of our efforts, particularly in each jurisdiction’s court system, and among the business, legal and medical communities.

Chefs for Autism

Lack of understanding leads to harmful actions against or to the autistic. We, as chefs, have the ability to change the discussion, to create acceptance, and to demonstrate that autism is not something to fear, but something to understand. Chef Ambassadors have a powerful voice and a strong message: that everyone with autism is a citizen.

“Chefs have a greater ability to spread the word about autism and to end bullying than almost any other socio-economic group. The reason: they feed, and thus communicate with teachers, lawyers, executives, politicians, bankers, and the majority of society. They’re on television, in the news and a daily part of our lives. They can set the standards for society, simply by being great ambassadors for change.” – Robert Angelone, Co-Founder

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Each person with autism, whether extremely mild or very serious must face not only the challenges of the disorder but of public reaction to their condition. They find themselves unable to find doctors, lawyers, dentists, opticians and other professionals knowledgeable about the condition and understanding of their special needs or unique behavior.

Ambassadors will, for example, remind people that our courts make exceptional accommodation for physical handicaps, but generally, do little or nothing for those with mental disabilities. Very few family medical practitioners or non-neurological specialists have sufficient training to interview, examine or discuss anything with an autistic patient. As advocates for the cause, Chef Ambassadors communicate the needs, and the opportunities to learn about the issue. Easy, fast and simple learning materials will be provided, along with labels to show your deep commitment to Autism.

And of course, ambassadors organize a number of awareness events themselves, e.g. the annual Chefs4Autism dinners – at least one in each state or territory. If you are interested in supporting Autism Citizen and Chefs4Autism and enjoy speaking to small (or large) groups, or organizing events, you may like to consider becoming a Chef Ambassador.

Through the activities of Chef Ambassadors, we’re continuously seeking to increase community awareness of our work within the legal system and direct advocacy for the autistic. Join us today!

Send an email to with the heading “Chef Ambassador” and tell us where you’re based, or, use our form.