Autism Ambassador Progamme

The Ambassador Programme was created to build an international network of individuals and organizations that serve to deliver the message of acceptance to community groups, government, and businesses wherever and whenever they can.

The difference between awareness and acceptance is immense. With acceptance, people on the Autism Spectrum will find employment, acceptance in their communities, support from strangers when in need, and experience no more bullying or crimes against them. They will find justice, where before the found malice.
Autism Citizen Ambassadors Programme

It Begins with You

As an Ambassador for Autism, you will attend social functions, meet with dignitaries, engage with political figures and speak publicly about Autism Acceptance.

Are you up to the challenge? This isn’t always going to be an easy task. You will have moments that will break your heart as you see, first-hand, the struggles the autistic face in trying to find or cope with employment in a world that doesn’t fully accept them. You’ll be distressed when you discover local incidents of bullying and crimes against the autistic.

You Can Help

As part of your ambassadorship, you’ll fight for civil rights and liberties and continuously drive the message that people with autism are citizens – no less than anyone else. When you see or hear of crimes against the autistic, report them to us as quickly as possible, and work with us to advocate for the autistic individual. You’ll be a local spokesperson for Autism Citizen, Inc., and potentially, the person who makes a difference in the lives of those with autism in your community.

We Support You

In your role as Ambassador, Autism Citizen serves as your headquarters, giving you information, contacts and resources needed to be an outstanding ambassador. We want you to succeed because your success is Autism’s success.

Join Us Today!

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