The First Volunteers

Most nonprofit organizations rely upon those kind, generous, warmhearted and dedicated volunteers who participate in our operations and make it function. New organizations, such as Autism Citizen require an intense level of dedication and we’re very proud that the people listed below have committed themselves to our cause. We’re very proud of them.

Volunteers are Seeds of Change

Michael Khater

Michael is our lead Gamification Expert, helping to make our courses engaging, interactive and informative. As a parent, he’s concerned about autism, and is extremely dedicated to this cause.

John D. Fernandes

John brings his expertise in education systems, marketing, law and political science to our project, delivering absolute dedication to the autism community.

Tom McMorrow

Tom is an Aspergian, and certified genius who helps us as an expert in gamification, and autism. He ensures our content speaks truthfully to the autism citizen’s experience and life.

Michael DiMuro

Michael brings with him an intense skill-set in app development and computer programming to help Autism Citizen build greater access to information resources for parents and guardians.

Elia Desruisseaux

Elia is a seasoned professional in the nonprofit world and a special advisor to Autism Citizen, Inc., providing guidance about operations, funding and regulations.