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Stephen M. Canino is a successful attorney specializing in trademark and patent law, with offices in Midtown Manhattan and Staten Island, New York. He serves on the board of directors of Casa Belvedere, an Italian cultural foundation and as a director of Autism Citizen, Inc.

Mr. Canino’s dedication to charitable causes and autism is formidable. He is an active participant in local schools, cultural and charitable events. His philanthropic work is extensive and he’s greatly respected for his dedication to charities.

He resides in Staten Island with his wife and is the father of two children, a son and daughter.


Autism Citizen is an advocate for the civil rights and liberties, and equal treatment in law for those on the Autism Spectrum.


Our campaign to create awareness includes many noteworthy chefs and food celebrities. Join us today and become a Chef Ambassador for Autism.

Who We Are

Autism Citizen, Inc. is a trading name for Reform It Now, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charity. All donations are tax deductible. We are based in New Jersey.

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