Robert Angelone

Robert Angelone is the co-founder of Autism Citizen.

Robert spent more than 35 years as a management consultant specializing in foodservice, restaurants, and financial institutions. His background includes work performed for a number of noteworthy restaurants in New York, London, Palm Beach and other places around the world.

A graduate of the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the London School of Economics, Robert is highly respected for his dedication to everything he does. In 1996, he founded, and in 2003, Robert created the world’s first all-digital consumer magazine, also called Epicurus which was first published in 2004. This set the stage for other publishers to use digital rather than print to create new magazines.

Robert’s experience with people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder began in his childhood, long before the term ‘autism’ was used. Many years later, when he saw first-hand how poorly the autistic can be treated in a court of law, and how government agencies and businesses mistreat the autistic, even if it’s because of a lack of knowledge, he and a friend decided to found the corporation and establish online learning as the solution. His philosophy is that knowledge is the way to truth, and education is the cure for ignorance.

Believing firmly in the cause of education as the best tool to awareness and ultimately acceptance, Robert has set forth a plan to create the best online, on-demand learning system possible.

Robert has dedicated himself to aiding those affected by autism because of his friend, who is autistic.  Having seen his friend harmed, Robert became acutely aware of the dangers this community faces and determined to do something to stop the fundamental ignorance causing such distress to so many.  Together with his friend, they started Autism Citizen.  Sadly, the harm done to his friend had too strong an effect causing a withdrawal from society.  Robert remains a primary caregiver for his friend.