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Justin Morin-CarpentierJustin Morin-Carpentier is a French-Canadian publicist, working for the Monarchist League of Canada. He is a member of HM Canadian Armed Forces and is presently studying law at the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland.

Originally from northern Ontario, Justin has dedicated himself to philanthropic works of charity and to the promotion the Canadian constitutional monarchy, in Canada and abroad. Justin is an independent consultant, specializing in fundraising, strategic partnerships and mass media marketing. Justin is currently consulting for several charities, and initiatives.

Justin has a vast amount of experience in private, not-for-profit and government work. He has also consulted with several charities in Canada and the United States, and is currently creating a youth oriented initiative, with the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, also known as the Johanniter Aid Association in Canada.

Justin specializes in client relations, information technology, social media, charitable works, corporate and non-profit fundraising along with education and presentations to large audiences, including on national media. Justin is also a dedicated political organizer with various conservative parties inside of Canada and has worked vigorously with many successful candidates and ridings.

Justin is currently engaged in public relations and campaign work for the Scottish Conservative Party. He is a well-traveled individual and frequently seen at events in New York, London, Ottawa and Paris.

Justin is fluent in both English and French, and well-connected in Canadian, British and Scottish political circles and in many American philanthropies. He has been a strong advocate for our cause since its inception.


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