Fern Berman

Fern Berman is an absolutely amazing person. Founder of Fern Berman Communications, co-founder of Starchefs.com and one of the co-founders of Windows of Hope, Inc., she is a publicist specializing in the culinary world of food, wine, and other beverages.

Ms. Berman lives in Connecticut. Ms. Berman has been at the crossroads of this culinary journey and has become one of today’s most knowledgeable observers of culinary trends. She has gained media attention for chefs who became celebrities. She has introduced restaurants to food critics.

Many high-profile restaurants seeking media attention have retained Ms. Berman’s firm. Manhattan restaurant clients include the four-star Le Cirque 2000, owned by internationally acclaimed restaurateur Sirio Maccioni, and Osteria del Circo, owned by the Maccioni family, as well as Patroon, Firebird, Heartbeat, and Icon. In Las Vegas, FBC represents the Bellagio Hotel Restaurants, including Le Cirque, Osteria del Circo, Aqua, Olives, Petrossian, and Prime. In Washington, D.C., she represented Restaurant Nora and Asia Nora and in London, Chutney Mary, London’s top Indian restaurant.

Ms. Berman’s dedication to the cause of autism in the law (and business) is resolute. She suffers personally from Multiple Sclerosis, which rarely stops or even slows her from being proactive in charitable work, as well as providing her professional communications services for her clients.