Human Resources Principles

Employment at Autism Citizen is based on a number of philosophical principles. These include:

1. We don’t give jobs. We hire people to do work for a fair wage or as volunteers.

2. We don’t hire people to tell them what to do, but to help us do our jobs, better. You went to school to learn, and we’ll provide the platform for you to show your talent and expertise.

3. We give preference to autistic citizens and the disabled in the job market.

4. We give additional preference to veterans.

5. A college degree isn’t always required, provided the applicant has the experience, skill or knowledge to do the job. Some exceptions apply, so please read each job description thoroughly.

6. Being turned down for a job you’ve applied for doesn’t preclude re-applying for a different job. In fact, we may recommend something for which we feel you may qualify.

Positions Available

Event Sponsorship Sales
Wall, NJ, Freelance, initially