About Autism Citizen

Autism Citizen, Inc. is a trading name for Reform It Now, Inc., its parent company (a 501(c)(3) public charity).  It is dedicated to acceptance of the civil rights, liberties and protections of law that all citizens enjoy, including those who are on the Autism Spectrum.

The organization was formed for the purpose of creating education programs for those in the professions, government and business about autism, and equal protection for autistic citizens.

“Learning about autism opens the mind to one’s own humanity, compassion and acceptance.  It is critical to a person’s desire for civility and decency.”  – Robert Angelone, 2013

Few people think about it, but the autistic citizen is rarely afforded equal treatment, or even basic treatment under the law, and for generations were treated as inferior for their condition. Institutionalized as children, murdered, used and abused – the autistic have been victims of more crime over the past centuries than any other socio-economic group on a per-capita basis.

Even when our courts were adapting to the Americans with Disabilities Act, and similar legislation in other countries, few courts made any accommodation for Autism or mental disabilities.  Go to any courthouse in the western world and you will find braille symbols on most signs and elevators. You’ll find ramps and special doors for those in wheelchairs.  But what accommodation is made for autism? None. The only place we’ve found such a thing is in Great Britain, where a specially trained counselor, usually a psychologist, is on hand for any hearing in which an autistic person may be called to testify for any purpose.

Acceptance Get ItWe hold that by training people we can provide sufficient education that they would be able to understand autism’s common traits and know how to proceed with its less common ones. This will create a better world for those who learn and those they learn about.

For businesses, executives and management must understand the current dynamic of autistic citizens mainstreaming into broader society. Federal regulations are compelling states to move the autistic out of institutionalized living and into neurotypical residential communities. This makes it more likely they will become shoppers, consumers and customers at local businesses. With training, the rights of the autistic could be protected in business transactions, as well as all matters.

Autism Citizen is dedicated to creating a world in which the autistic need not fear the reactions of others. We believe they have a right to be citizens, with equality. Join us in our quest.

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