Thanks to donors like you, we are able to provide support and resources to autistic individuals in need. Autism Citizen is a highly-rated non-profit organization, receiving the coveted Platinum Participant rating by GuideStar Exchange for our commitment to transparency. Your tax-deductible donation gives autistic citizens in the U.S. what every citizen deserves — acceptance, the advocacy and help to have equality and protection from harm. Give to a non-profit you can trust, donate to Autism Citizen today.

There is no routine autism.

Using His Moodle

We're pleased to announce that Donald Schwartz of New Hampshire has joined our team as an eLearning expert.  His expertise is in Moodle ...

  • Why we do if for autism

We Do It For People

People ask us all the time, "What does Autism Citizen do?" The answer is simple, anything to help an autistic citizen be treated with equal rights as anyone else, be respected as a citizen, and given fairness in all aspects of society.

  • Different Thinking

Different Thinking

When you conceptualize autism in your mind, you think about behavioral issues, cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities, physical limitations, emotional outbursts, and other stereotypical things, but mostly, you imagine problems.

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What We Do

Autistic citizens are mistreated everyday.  Increasingly, they reside in the broader community, engaging daily with retailers, banks, and other businesses, or with government—just like anyone else. The difference is that few people understand what their special needs are, how to speak with them, and how to avoid potential problems such as emotional meltdowns.

Despite mainstreaming, the autistic are seven times more likely to engage with police in their lifetime than persons not on the autism spectrum.  This is primarily the result of victimization and the misunderstanding of their condition by those who should know.

Our role is to create acceptance of autism through education and public speaking engagements, symposiums, conferences, and meetings with the goal of preventing harm to those on the spectrum.  Help us in our quest by introducing our courses to friends and family.

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